Tuesday, July 29, 2008

New blog: ArtTechFusion.com

I've been thinking that Technology for Artists is kind of a dumb title. It sounds like all I want to talk about is Photoshop and Illustrator and Wacom tablets, etc.

In fact, what I'm really interested in is all of the possibilities of combining art and technology. How is technology used in making art? How is art used in making technology? How do they influence each other?

So, I started a new blog, ArtTechFusion, that is really open to all that stuff. The tech part of the name covers how engineers think about images, video, music, and all forms of digital media. There's a whole area of engineering called signal processing. It's usually taught as a very technical, mathematical discipline, but there are ideas in signal processing that can be understood visually, and can be a really interesting and informative way of looking at art.

The art in the name comes from ... well, ... art. ArtTechFusion is about art, technology, and any combination thereof.

I hope you'll come visit, ask questions, put in ideas, etc.

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