Friday, August 8, 2008

More on Drawing Circles and Ellipses

Ok, following my post yesterday on drawing circles and ellipses, I thought some more about the problem. The ellipse drawing part was an improvement over what most drawing programs do in that the mouse is always on the shape, so it's easier to anticipate what will happen when you click.

However, when you hold the Shift key down to force the shape to be a circle, the mouse pointer is suddenly cut loose, and can appear inside the circle. This is, I think, even more surprising than having the mouse be outside the circle.

So I came up with another idea. Basically, the mouse drags an invisible line from the starting click point, and whether the Shift key is down or not, that line should always bisect the shape you're drawing, so the mouse is always on the shape.

You can try this out here:

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