Monday, March 1, 2010

Discussion on technology and art

I just wanted to draw your attention to this post on David Apatoff's blog: Revenge of the Titanic.

He raises some interesting questions about the significance of technology in art, and seems to suggest that digital art technology will fundamentally change the nature of art itself.

I tend to believe that human-ness is what makes art art. Technology may enrich and enable, but not change the nature of art.

What do you think?


Phil H said...

I think you're spot on - art is a result of humanness, so it will not change fundamentally just because technology turns up.

However, 2 things can change: firstly, the process of art can change; if people can communicate more, discuss their art, collaborate, then the art will change. Secondly, we might start to modify ourselves; imagine a sci-fi world where an implant can feed you dopamine and serotonin. Wouldn't that change your art?

Unknown said...

As people continue to "evolve," based on natural or unnatural selection, then I suppose the nature of art will change. The earliest art we know of ... primitive cave paintings and rough carvings ... still resonates with us, though it probably doesn't mean to us what it did to the people who created it.